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Past Times

    yes yes i am a thousand years behind everyone on the planet coz i just discovered Khaled Hosseini and the wonders of his lovely writing, but i purposefully stayed away from his books because i generally stay away from muslim related books, yes i reali cant take the whole "everyone is soo opressed " etc and anyways i thought it would be the typical horror story lets blame it on islam thing and yes i did realise the writer was muslim but that doesnt make much difference
    Anyways WHEN i gave the book a chance (yes it was slightly aww we r so opressed) but anyways it didnt seem to be over exagerated because i do understand the situations and omg it was like an entire history of Afghanistan with a story it was an excellent read i coudlnt put it down and now im reading A thousand Splendid suns by Khaled the books are million times better then the films and the films are awesome
    i definetly recommend them to everyone
    take care every1

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Past Times

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