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On Medical Leave for 2 days! :)

    LOL... I'm on Medical Leave for 2 days which means I'm excused from college for 2 days. I'm down with a horrible flu, sore throat and everything else that comes along with these bugs.
    Sadly, though I have MC, I have to go back to school for a project presentation tmr ):

    My school is 2 hours away from home and I'll be attending it for only about 15-30 mins :O lol....
    aaaahhhh Insya'Allah Khayr though.

    Oh i nearly passed out while waiting for a bus home; and I decided that it was best to rest before going home. Eventually, a sister sent me home heh :) How sweet of her! LOVE YOU SIS! :)
    Oh and my Yoga instructor was really kind. Instead of actually asking me to absent myself today and come in another day for make-up he allowed me to stay put for about half an hour to sleep hehe :P Lucky Lucky Me!

    Anyways, what's up with you people? Any new stories to share? Haaaa; oh i'm glad to see Naz blogging frequesntly again hehe! Love you habibty!

    I think I'm turning in now; head's starting to spin. Love you gals! W'salam..

    A'qilah Saiere

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On Medical Leave for 2 days! :)

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