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Guys & Girls-The Difference in the rules

    Hey guys , Asalamu Aleikum
    this is a post , about something which i have been noticing for a very long time and wondering exactly why, so i thought i would ask my experts (you guys instead), i keep noticing that guys are allowed to get away with so much more then their female counterparts.
    example number 1
    Recently my cousin moved into my grandmas really lovely apartment, because my grandma went away for ages to another country , however he actually normally lives with his mum and his dad my uncle who are actually very religious (when it comes to themselves) however my cousin is allowed to go to a flat, and invite women to the flat and "talk" and do whatever they want, however i cant imagine any female from like the entire family suggesting something like that to anybody ever, i think they would all have like a simultaneous heart attack or something similar, and be shocked and never peak to her again.

    Example Number 2

    noticed that at parties or anywhere, things are happening guys who are also muslim and who realise that alchohol is forbidden think its perfectly normal to drink and to smoke , however they are already to find it totally haram for any female to do the same.

    example Number 3
    boys in my family are perfectly able to talk about their girlfriends to everyone including the grandparents , but the grandparents think its weird if any of the girls even speak to a guy

    example number 4

    some of my cuzins and bro etc talk about weird things that happened to them in night clubs, yeah night clubs and theyd kill me if i walked past one.

    *just so you all know i dont actually want to do any of the things mentioned above, just that i hate it that islamic rules seem to apply on to females (how people act), when the rules are the same for everybody.

    and i actually dont understand, if dating is haram for me its haram for guys too and if qamr or alchohol is haram its haram for boys too and no they didnt make smoking halal for guys and haram for girls.

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Guys & Girls-The Difference in the rules

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