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Hii, and Happy New Year -Soon

    Asalaamu aleikum and Happy everything guys, it seems like the world is sorta celebrating lately, it was recently islamic new year as you all know and now its 1431 Muharram, may Allah make this new year a blessed year and help us become closer to him etc inshallah, and ofcourse a lo tof people have been celebrating christmas as you are all aware of , im enjoying the fact that christmas giving me a 2 week holiday i so needed that, and ofcourse its nearly the "official" new year as it is nearly 2010, so best wishes to everyone for this new year, may it bring peace and happiness to everyone throughout the world. as you all know this time last year , the great massacre took place in gaza , so inshallah dont forget the people who are less fortunate wherever they are in the world, especially our muslim brothers and sisters.
    anyways today was boxing day and i dont know about you but over here it mostly means lovely sales and therefore shopping ,w hich ofcourse i can have loads of fun with but since its been so damn cold over here lately didnt even go shopping today and evryone else (like the entire country) went shopping to oxford street and the trains and everything was so packed i heard as the sales were huge, but i didnt go because the other day i went out ,when it was snowy and cold and bought some shoes which were lvoely btw and went to meet up with some friends and froze to death so even though i had fun i wasnt temted to go outside yet again (been lviing on pizzas and movies and the hills and stuff :P)but because i cant resist sales as well as a chance to meet up with some friends ill go out tomrorw and hope to get like loads of books and perfumes oh and i have a necklace which sorta broke that i need to fix, my mum went away to dubai and stuff and shes coming back soon :) so im excited about that inshallah as i will be able to go back HOME (that jus explains why i havent been posting lately)
    i have kinda "celebrated" or remembered islamic new year twice im so proud of myself coz i never used to know when it is but year last year and this year i did lol, so this year i just went out with a friend we went out to eat and mess about in the snow and then went to her house and did like our own fashion show because of something that was going to happen at school on the last day and had loads of fun , im looking forward to the other new year because i love fireworks so ill probably go in the cold to central london and watch the fireworks by the river and evry year it looks totally spectacular. however i also have exams yet again so inshallah please make duas 4 me and if i see anything lvoely ona baragain ill let you know, btw if anyone lives in the UK boots and debenhams are having awesome sales
    Naz-Have a great new year everyone 2009, has been very intersting good things, bad things etc jst like every year hopefuly 2010 will bring excellent news because its a very important year for me i got loads of plans and inshallah kheyr :)xx happy fasting and ashura and everything that has been going on.

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Hii, and Happy New Year -Soon

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