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To you, From Me, With Love :)

    Salaamz everybody how are you?
    inshallah your all doing perfectly well, i havent blogged in a while due to being stalked by teachers and having loads of work to do (actually i have work to do right now plus a test 2 revise for)- my sister found a group on facebook saying the word "studying" comes from the words Student and Dying , i doubt its true but that would make perfect sense in my case.
    i went back to the work place after taking 2 weeks off ( i stretched my eid holidays as long as they would go) and now i have too much work to do, i was really looking forward to the christmas holidays (i still am) im staying with some relatives that i havent seen in ages.
    right now im staying with my aunt and her family as my mum decided to go on holiday and although we like it here its a bit difficult not having all your stuff etc and i just want to go home not to mention that i miss my mum and my little brother and my room and my stuff ( you get the picture)
    but yeah im reali looking forward to the christmas holidays or the winter holidays and whatever and everyones like "but you dont celebrate christmas" like duuh who cares i get to sleep for 2 weeks and eat pizza and watch movies and revise ( im trying to ignore the last bit) and im probably going to go and watch the fireworks and stuff for new year inshallah.
    i hope your eids were good my eid was fantastic i went to the masjid saw some friends and then there was a huge party being held somewhere so we all went and met up there, and did that all of friday until night time where we went to eat junk food and sleep the next morning. thursday the day before eid i didnt have school so i just slept and helped decorate the house for eid in black and white and we got lights and candles and mde it really beautiful , saturday went cinema and watched movies then went out to eat got money and broz bought a nintendo wii (which we took over) and sunday spent sleeping and trying to recover from lack of sleep for 3 days gifts were perfumes some jewelry and mostly money , after that some drama stuff happened which im glad is over ,
    i.e. my lil bro got ill and they gave him too much paracetemol or something (stupid hospital) but hes alright now alhamdulilah
    and my aunty kept getting ill she had to go hospital for 2 nights shes also alright now alhamdulilah
    anyways yeah nothing special just what ive been up to lately
    PS-im working on a really good surprise and you guys will be the first to see it
    pps- i cant wait 4 de holidays
    ppps-i cant wait for my birthday seems like everyone elses birthday has gone
    btw-im really loving Desperate in dubai if you havent read it yet damn your missing out so check at
    and check out the Jacaranda Secret by Ange too amazing :)

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To you, From Me, With Love :)

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