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Hey Update and birthdays :)x

    Salaamz everyone
    so it was our birthday (me nd my twin) two days ago, and we had a lot of fun, i stayed at home because it was on the last day of school before the half term holidays and i wasnt bothered, so yeah since i stayed up late the night before i spent the whole morning sleeping, my grandma came back and we kept getting a lot of visitors, and i somehow became the little maid or something, anyways it also came with more gifts and stuff , so its alright. then yeah on the day of my birthday i just stayed home and watched movies and ate some cake that my sister amal forced me to make (i cant cook and she can make cakes and i thought twins were meant to be the same )and lazed about, then later at night i got my fiance to drive me and my sister to my cuzins house because my cousins were arranging something and we got our gifts from fiance and his dad in the car,(money) and then when i got to my cousins house i saw that they decorated their house with banners and fairy lights and my cousin actually made chocolate cake which tasted awesome by herself and they put candles there and everything and it said "happy birthday Naz and Amzi" but i didnt get to blow out the candles. then we got our gits i got
    a necklace
    a book
    makeup set
    a dvd
    and a badge that said *good girl gone bad* from my sister and a bracelet
    yeah thats about it, and then we stayed talking/debating until my fiance and his dad left and then we watched two movies and ate icecream and then i dont know how it got to 5am (we really talk too much), then i went to sleep i felt like i was drunk(whenever i say that they all ask me how i know what it feels like to be drunk, i can IMAGINE) i wanted to go to some resturaunt and it didnt happen :S but yeah then the next morning at like 9am my little cuzins woke me up
    me: huh? noo
    me: im not going anywhere
    and coz i thought it was late or something i woke up properly went to the living room and only the boys were awake it was 9 am , so i went back to bed but woke up again by 10am coz they killed my sleep.
    so i woke up replied to text messages and emails of birthday wishes and then i went shopping with my aunt, my cuzin (girl) my cuzin (boy) my sister and my brother, i didnt really get much i still have most of my money and im too lazy to go out because its cold and flaming depressive but i just got some books/novels and some revision stuff (geek i know), and then we finaly went to some resturaunt and it was already 6pm by the time i got home, and then my other cuzins who kinda live far and are sisters came and visited us and one of them is called naz (cool name ryt?:P) and kaz and they got us some gifts and it was fun to be with them we kinda grew up together but being busy and all that we dont see eachother much anymore i see one of them every week coz we work together and she stays with us but thats bout it, and then after that random visitors for my grandma and her friend is also staying with us and im like tea lady;p (god somali people drink too much tea).
    btw aqilah thanks for ur reali lovely message i loved it :)xxxxxxx <3

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Hey Update and birthdays :)x

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