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Thankyou, Little things do make a difference

    Salaamz everyone how are you all , my fave blog people's :)

    this post is just a little update about what ive been up to if anything and how little things make a big difference so yeah, reasonfor post is .because i have been kinda ill for the last week and i didnt even manage to go to school and then when i did try to go some teacher got mad that my folder wasnt organised "ohh how dreadful" im sure the world is going to end now, i was too sick to get out of my bed and come to school surely in between being SICK ill organise my folder as if that gets u A's . (ohh how did this turn into a rant), anyways thats an example of how little things can irritate sick people who are trying to learn dont be like that be erm, more understanding?

    anyways because i was ill for the week and then one day i miraculously felt better lol, alhamdulilah , i went to school today and had like a practical exam today, alhamdulilah i was there for the preparations before hand and everything and i knew what i was going to do up until i let a supply give me "advice" which ruined my entire thing and i had to start again like 3 times, and then suddenly my eyes hurt the room went hot in my opinion my head hurt i felt faint and screwed up my exam paper thing (had to do a practical and then graphs and crap), i was so out of it that i handed in the worst piece of "work" you can imagine which was meant to be for an exam, and a guy in my class saw it and he was like ":O naz whats this?" and he came over and told me to calm down and helped fix my table and graph and written crap, and i managed to do my exam and not write nonsense and do it perfectly well, and he kinda saved my life and another friend waited for me while i took my time , meanwhile a random supposed friend just left me (im not usually a dumb student who doesnt know what they are doing during exams) i dont even know what happened to me because afterwards i was perfectly fine :S, anyways helping me didnt seem to bother the guy so much and it made such a big difference to my day, exam result life etc :), thatwe should all try to do little things to help people inshallah.

    The rest of today went perfectly well it was my cousins birthday and we went shopping and had cake and stuff and like a mini party and everyone else came to visit , also my grandma came back from her forever long holiday, :) so i had a nice time going out in weird snow (its snowing heavily yet theres nothing on the floor, they said itll snow properly over night), catching up with my cuzins and becoming fat eating cakes,then i did an essay question :S, ohh also its my birthday soon and my sisters birthday lol (on the same day) spread the love <3

    wish you guys all the best

    loads of love



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Thankyou, Little things do make a difference

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