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Whats in YOUR handbag?


    i keep seeing these cute tags of whats in peoples hanbags , i wanna do one i tag myself :P

    i never used to carry them because i didnt think they were special but now i love them because

    i seem to carry loads of stuff with me lately

    so what is in it?

    1)Pink Phone

    my mobile, even though i never call anyone to be honest, but my mum and family call me and friends, but its my music player

    2) Perfume, spray, perfumed body lotion, normal body lotion

    3) Latest book i bought -Love in A headscarf at the moment actually it was a gift , pearl necklace also a gift (i dont know why its in there) and latest copy of LOVE IT, magazine, cherry coke bottle and unwanted ASDA receipts :s

    i just noticed most things are Pink , i love Pink

    whats in yours?

    i TAG- Modest justice Sukkar andd .. A muslim Wife and Queen AQILAH I TAG YOU TOO :)xx <3

    Nazzz :) <3

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Whats in YOUR handbag?

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