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Explanation 4 Absence

    Salaaaaamz everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ohmygod i totally miss blogging and blogsphere and reading peoples blogs OHMYGOD i missed u all *ur all thinking crazy oversensitive female* :P

    anyways guys WELL i did have a holiday a new baby brother (if i thought my life was hectic before god add baby bottles to the mix)

    and i got a joob as some teacher i feel sorry for everybody who works and get this i dont even want the silly job but my parents said its character building

    like HELOO my character is soo perfect riight everyone? right? no? ok:(

    but i changed my hours so i can do it with my sister and stuff *yeeeeeey*

    anyways and now skl is re-starting and everything but actually school gives me something to write about so yeah inshallah ill write more

    BTW for anybody here who lives in london or the UK

    plzzzzzzz do the GAZA100 charity run for IFCHARITY on 22nd/23rd may 2009 for gaza google it

    jazakallah kheiran

    much love loads of kissses


    *btw my jobs nt so bad i made new friends and it was boss's birthday 2dai reali cool boss too jus reaali long hours nd loads of kids (nt a kid fan dwn here)*



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Explanation 4 Absence

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