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First Day Back

    After my two week long or nearly three week long
    easter holidays i was actually looking Forward to go back 2 school because i was getting bored restless and missing my friends a little too much so to be honest i didnt really mind going back to school today and it was alright the lessons werent THAT great but the company made up for that :P
    and i was glad to be back coz wed all be going to placements soon and wont see eachother for another 2 weeks then another holiday so 3 weeks until the new term re-starts THAT IS TOO LONG i mean if u have 2 wake up early in the morning youd want your friends to be where you are going LOL
    alhamdulilah 3 of my friends are going to the same placement as me and my sister
    and we are not the only identical twins thatll be fun :P
    afterwards i went to my aunts house who was re-decorating and the weather was lovely so i went to her kids room opened the windows slept on the bed and watched One Tree Hill whilst eating skittles that was fun
    then had some boys vs girls islamic quiz at the tajweed class later and the girls one (as always)
    now im attempting to do french coursework via google translate :S
    and watching arabic comedies
    and now im going back to the arabic comedies lol so take care everyone
    that was just my first day back loads of hugs and stories you wont beleive what some of the people at my college can get themselves into in just TWO weeks :O

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First Day Back

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