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Naz is not the only one ya'know!

    So Naz had her first day, SO DID I!
    Well, I'm currently in school right now, lol it's so weird to be blogging in the school compunds but what the heck I'm having a 2 hour break; thank God we have wireless internet access in our canteens. yallah i love my college :P

    Let me tell you more about it :P
    Subhana'Allah the college is freaking hugeeeee. lol; when you're walking from one building to another it feels like you're going on a hike. lol.

    We have a Muslim Student's Society and that's where I'll meet all my fellow Hijabees :P I'm freaking excited to be enrolled Insya'Allah hehe.
    We have I think about 3 venues that has been prepared for us to pray Insya'Allah; it's pretty convenient, that is if my lectures dont clash with the prayer times, insya'Allah Khair.

    I'm honestly loving College life so far; it feels like it's been forever but it's only the second day! lol.

    Right gtg now, will blog sometime soon Insya'Allah :)

    A'qilah Saiere

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Naz is not the only one ya'know!

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