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Stressed? Drained?

    I attend classes every Saturday and last lesson, I was taught one of the methods of "meditation" or what I'd prefer calling de-stressing the Islamic way.

    When you're feeling, tired/stressed/drained/simply just in search of an inner peace;
    after a prayer you sit with your hands on your lap; face the kiblah and read al-fatiha; after that say La Illaha ilallah 3 times; slowly so much so you feel a though you're planting Allah's name in your heart
    and then end it with another fatiha
    Insya'Allah khair

    An Akhi suggested 3 times of Al Fatiha before staring and 3 before Ending; I think there is no problem in that Insya'Allah :)

    A'qilah Saiere ~

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Stressed? Drained?

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