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College,funfairs and fashion :)

    (picture not related to anything but i like the pic)
    Salaamz everybody

    how are you all? inshallah good as usual :)

    i am going back to college tomorrow after not being there for 3 weeks (2 weeks work placement) and 1 week holiday/half term
    anyways it has been fun but i kinda reali missed seeing my friends and all that, and it will probably be fun anyways now its nearly the end of term so it should be fun after we are doing with our exams inshallah itll just be a chill zone for us and we will be visiting some graduate fashion week thing which some people will be taking part in
    so that should be fun.
    im kinda over the cancellation of my longer holiday now and im just trying to think of all the things ill be doing in france for only 2 WEEKS ive never been on holiday for only 2 weeks not sufficient for "shop till you drop" (for me) :(
    lol anyways being the last day of our half term and that its summer in england and the sun is shining we are going to the funfair (im so childish) but its fun until tonight i actually red a book about weird things happening in a fun fair (no i dnt knw why tht is relevant either)
    anyways have fun you guys

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College,funfairs and fashion :)

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