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Naz's Bank Holiday Weekend !!

    Salaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamz Dudez and Dudettez

    lol hows everybody i hope you are all in the best of health and Imaan Ameen

    so i have totally run out of things to write or time to write

    when i have something to write about i dont have the time and when i do have the time im bored and totally have nothing to write

    so anyways i was supposed to have a "Long Weekend" didnt totally work out right since i had 2 wake up at 8:00 to go "work" both days BUT i had fun regardless

    ive figured out

    waking up early makes my day longer and the work place is

    not that bad but yeah i am still moaning about working for no aparent reason but atleast i get to spend my "pay" on swimming as im begining to think owning so many perfumes is like haraam or something

    anyways i had fun

    saturday went to the work thing for like 4 hours then came home had a shower and went park and stuff and ater watched a movie

    sunday went wrk for 4 hours came home had a shower went to sleep my 2 best friends and 2 of my cousins came over went out until 8:pm came home ate pizza played games and wtched half a movie went 2 sleep at 2am in de morning woke up at 9:00 (it was so hott i cudnt sleep) and stayed in bed talking until 11:00 then we went out and had subway for breakfast *yummy will lead 2 a fatt tummy* :P

    anyways as it was bank holiday on monday we thoguht to go and just renta d vd but whats de point of having a holiday if everything in the whole damned country is shut?

    so yeah the dvd place was shut so we went home and well stayed around then everyone left apart 4rm me and my 2 friends so we went and bought a HUUGE cake

    all nice and chocolaty plus cappucino thingy and wtched another movie then we went shopping and then went park and played dumb games and raced eachother and stuff

    and i got like duno sum poison ivy thingy hurt me :(

    and i dunno we havent had that much fun in a long time

    i hope you all had a nice weekend

    in 3 days ill be off from skl for 3 weeks *yeey me*


    anyways take care everyone



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Naz's Bank Holiday Weekend !!

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