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Miss Naz

    So yeah if you are wondering where the hell naz went as she is always disapearing lately im really suffering from permeanant writers block and im not a writer as i write rubbish anyway
    but yeah lately
    i have turned from a student in a teacher as some part of a placement thing its actually quite cool and interesting and the children are extremly cute and fun to be around
    they say the funniest sweetest or strangest things
    here are a couple examples
    *a little 5 year old gurl* " Heey you are Arab I am Arab too"
    me: reaali?
    her: "yeah you are arab coz u wearin hijaaab im from moroco my name is umaymah"
    me: *hugs her* aww what a nice name habibtii
    her: "i knoow i love arabs"
    *all english teachers stare at her*
    *little boy named erm hari and liam-false names*
    Hari-*to me* "missss hes sneezing and not using a tissue tell him 2 get a tissue"
    me: "go get a tissue Liam sweety"
    hari- "tell him to wash his hands"
    me: " and dont forget to wash your hands"
    Hari- "yeah coz hes got SWINE FLU"
    loooooooooool i cudnt stop laughing
    and another little 5 year old went to my friend and said "heloo are you pregnant"?
    my friends not even fat
    we found tht hilarious 2
    but yeah they are soo sweet and fun 2 be around and theyve got me permeanantly smiling :)
    i am now known as MISS NAZ :)

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Miss Naz

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