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Katie Price Modern Hairstyle Katie Price

    Modern Hairstyle Trends presents Katie Price Modern Hairstyle Katie Price

    Katie Price AKA the infamous Jordan has recently come out with a new range of equestrian gear, calling for another public appearance and yet more speculation over her fluctuating weight loss and gain and her current super skinny figure.

    Despite this however, she looked a million dollars and her hair looked particularly spectacular, going back to dark again rather than blonde which has recently sparked rumors that she is once again pregnant, but this seems to be just that; rumors.

    It would appear that this recently public appearance for Katie was rather a quiet one and with rather fetching makeup came a rather simple hair style that was very dark brown, almost black in color. With the hair pulled back from her face in a simple pony tail but with the hair wrapped around the top of the pony tail to conceal the hair band, the look was indeed a very plain one but on this beautiful woman, still looked fantastic.
    Katie Price Modern Hairstyle Katie Price

    Katie Price has gone for many styles, cuts and colors over the years but with almost black hair, she looked very striking and although it would seem that her usual preference is straight hair, the appearance saw her with slight waves within her style, looking elegant yet laid back and relaxed at the same time. For once, it would seem that nobody could argue with just how beautiful Katie Price looked and whether her now her hair color is do with a pregnancy has yet to be announced.

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Katie Price Modern Hairstyle Katie Price

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