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Islamic events, Kebabs,Barbeques and Cakes

    Heey Everyone
    today is the official get fat day :P,i went to an islamic talk event, thing today where they were raising funds for orphan children in somalia, however it was also a great event, mashallah i wanted to stay home and study (how exciting a life i lead), but then my mum told me its good to do islamic stuff/encouraged me to go, so i got up watched US wife swap (someone had an awful husband i wanted to throw him out of the window), then as the weather was warm or sunny *gasp* (very shocking i mean its london we are talking about), i actually wanted to go outside , so i had a shower(it was like the highlight of my morning and i dont know why), i think its because i found a very natural/clean smelling shower gel, i was so excited i mainly use perfume smelling shower gels, but it was nice that this one just smelt, fresh i like the fresh smell, now and i love the smell of dove and palmolive shampoos :) (thats the type of fresh smell im talking about), oh yeah by now it was time to go to the event, i wore an abayah and shayla, took my bag full of perfumes but i didnt spray much (this is naz trying to be islamic),and i totally loved the event.

    There was four sheikhs, really popular within the somali and even pakistani community here, the lecture was in somali and arabic so a lot of people were there, and mixing, the sheikhs read quran in such a beautiful voice i was moved to tears, and gave absolutely enlightening and entertaining lectures, wallah according to me, downstairs they provided a creche were kids could be looked after, and they in aseparate hall sold, cakes and rice and food, and outside they had a barbeque stand where you could get shawarma or kebabs as they are known, and they also sold really lovely cakes (better then the one pictured above a delgihtful turkish cake, with chocolate and vanila filling with strawberries on top yum), and my god did i eat and erm eat, and listen to the lectures, and i love islamic events because you meet people you havent seen in ages, and talk to lovely sisters, and i helped out at the creche area and just generally helped out the broz and sisters who were organising the event was well organised, and great, i gave some money to charity and i hope other people did too, in support of the great cause for the poor orphans of Somalia.

    byee salaamz *gone to eat more cakes*

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Islamic events, Kebabs,Barbeques and Cakes

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