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Mammas, and Mothers day gifts

    Its mothers day soon , in about two weeks, actually less but you know what i mean, and i dont know if its really alowed to be celebrated or anything but i just thought its a nice thought to celebrate and remember all the things mothers do for you, and a great way for the british economy to get a "boost", of something, hopefuly the dollar will stop catching up to us now :P, but anyways because of the wide range of "mum suitable gifts", that were meant to be on sale, i thought i should get my mum some stuff and we gave our mums (me, my sister and my best friend), their gifts before mothers day so we are technically not celebrating mothers day, (trying to be on the safe islamicish side).
    i bought my mum dior perfume gift set ^, and i actually spent a lot of my birthday money, but its fair because most of my birthday money came from my mum in the first place, plus she will let me share the perfumes :P, i love dior, especially the'amore' one.

    and a bath gift set, with scented candles, towels, creams, shower gels, some stuff and 'herbal stuff' and bubble bath spa things, coz thats the kind of stuff my mum loves, me and my best friend bought the exact same stuff for our mums and we think they liked our 'surprise', and that we have the same taste just like they do in stuff. do you celebrate mothers day? are you going to get your mum something? if not get her a kiss and breakfast in bed, its what we always do and my bro always does the breakfast (he can make food, better then me, and doesnt burn toast :O)

    naz :)

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Mammas, and Mothers day gifts

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