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...Happiness, Good times, Blogging

    Salaamz Everyone (one day someone will say wa salaam :P)

    so yeah ill move on to whatever i was going to blog about, i dont like moaning or complaining, and i dont like talking about things that upset me , i dont think this is an entirely good thing, i hate the idea of sounding like a moan , i know some people who start every conversation with "i hate....... and i hate..... and i hate......." and everyone ends up wondering well 'what do you LIKE?", and i dont like talking about problems because, however stupid it is, i like frgetting they ever happened or trying to unless i really need to get it out of my system, thats why i like this blog because it reminds me of the good times, or the happier times (most of the posts) or it just reminds me of stuff, i like blogging because its like a little diary but mine is only the good things, i think there are readers on here, and it should be sorta entertaining i hope it is, im not sure considering i right down whatever im thinking, and im a firm beleiver in "say something good or say nothing at all", so i dont really post when im all upset and feeling like 'the world is such a terrible place' coz we all felt like that before, i also beleive that as long as you have clothes and food, and a home and health theres nothing wrong with your life-ish, though re reading my posts they seem to be a bit about erm shallow ish stuff maybe but i can be deep :P, im interested in:
    • religion
    • philosophy
    • psychology
    • sciences
    • Politics
    and despite my poor typing skills , teenage pc shorthand stuff, i have good english grades :P, and love reading, but i probably dont write about these things because by the end of a college day the cure to all my problems is coke and clothes/shopping :P, or thinking of random holidays, i think im going saudi Arabia this summer and meeting up with my cousin from
    im really looking forward to it and itll be a chance to go umrah, and clean up my messy mind :P.

    Live, love , laugh, smile people and praise the Lord for all that you have :)
    Btw i really need to know aqilah how everything went with you please email me as soon as possible, please im so worried
    love you

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...Happiness, Good times, Blogging

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