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The Presidents Party

    "The Somali President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed is in London this week holding high level talks with the British government."BBC World

    'The crowd roars and excitememnt fills, the room, a smile is plastered on every face, and flags are wildly being waved, this is because im at the presidents Party'.

    The president of the Republic of Somalia, was on a visit to the United Kingdom, London wand was meeting British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, to discuss stuff, and i was at an exclusiveish party, at a top London Hotel,to welcome him. The British and Somali Media, were there, abd the event was an oppurtunity for the somali public/ Somali Organisations (Like london somali youth forum that i work with , if you somali and a youth er google it), to display their dedication and devotion for peace to be reached in their homeland (about time dont you think?), and it gave the somali people a platform to unite. There were Famous somali celebrities (singers,actors,actresses), Somali Politicians, buisness men, British Politicians or Mps, journalists etc, and average somalis. There was live Music entertainment, poetry recitals, quraan recitals, food speeches, and ofcourse the President and his Party (including, foreign minister, and female ministera ,education minister etc).

    At the Party i realised, i never met a Somali President Before, thats strange because, ive met some of my favourite celebs (concerts/events), whether they were Somali, Arabic or Mainstream celebs and even nasheed people (outlandish, native deen), but i never met a president from somalia, why thats weird is because im related to ambassadors, former president of somalia (aideed), and goverment ministers (my auntie, my mums uncle, my mums bro etc), and i met important people from other countries and never a president from my own, (met the queen of england at a north london shopping centre when i was a kid , we did a singing performance for her with the primary school), and the king and queen ofBahrain, King
    Hamad ibn Isa Al Khalifa, and his Wife, Sheikha Sabika bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa(their palace is the most beautiful place i have ever seen in my life, the toilets are beautiful beyond imagination let alone other places lol), when i was on a trip with my Mums uncle (Minister ofsomething),there, so a first time for everything i guess i enjoyed seeing him.

    Actually for me it was more special to be ina place where somali people were able to celebrate their, 'somaliness', their heritage and unite under their common values, (one country, one language, one religion), common values which lately seem to be dissapearing was the absolute higlight of my evening (and the food ofcourse:P), i went with my cousin and my sister and it was absolutely amazing.

    Salaamz Naz
    PS: Like a nerd i spent the rest of today studying so ima go back to it
    take carex

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The Presidents Party

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