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You Have My Heart- Cant Keep Up

    Hey Everyone :), my dearest followers from the beggining and my good blogger friends honestly my sincere apologies to you, i seem to have dissapeared not only from blogosphere but from the face of the earth also, according to my friends. I have been so busy with exams and Life and i seem to honestly have nothing to say, no time to talk , i dont even watch tv. A lot of things have happened as you know from my previous posts, and i am trying to cram so many things in at once i dont know where the time has gone, or how we got to June and the Summer already. Last Summer is still fresh in my Mind but i cant begin to describe how much has changed in my life sicne then, or even more how much I have changed. So many good things have happened but at the same time many dissapointments , still alive and breathing isnt that all that counts?. I get a longer Holiday this year not a measly two weeks because i have managed to escape the shackles of education and scholarships and rubbish, i get to visit my sister in Somalia, and My Cousins in Egypt, and Kenya and then to my cousins wedding in Dubai. Besides being a trip through Africa my Homeland or shall i say Home continent and a place which i havent been to since i left a million years ago, these trips are so special to me and i am sure will remain engraved in my heart and Mind for a Million years to come, i will see my sister and my grandmother, i will see Somalia and i will Attend the Wedding of my Best Friend Inshallah, ill go and see a simpler World , My eyes will Open , i will wake up and smell the coffee, i will say HEY Mamma Africa!

    i wanted to leave blogger so as not to bore you with my lack of posts , but Inshallah i will be back and i will write, in this journal which contains my dreams, so sorry for my lack of posts and comments and appearances, sorry to all my friends whether in blogger and in real life , if i have missed something important in your life, if i have forgot to return a phone call, or took long with a promised email, sorry if you thought i forgot about you, sorry if i declined offers to go out and meet, and sorry if i cant make it to your weddings, but remember you have my heart always , i am there in spirit with lots and lots of love:)
    Your sister in Islam

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You Have My Heart- Cant Keep Up

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