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Love In A scarf - And Where art though Modestjustice and Sukkar

    *Princess Fatima Kulsum Saudi Arabia*

    Hey everyone, wassup? i have returned yes *gasp* the dead woman who has disapeared has returned back, i will post more now? actually i didnt know how much i loved my blog and how much i love having a blog since i have dissapeared so , reason why i stopped being a regular blogger is because i got distracted by a number of things namely exams which i still have by the way (i beg you, make dua) and i figured you didnt deserve to read moany nonsense and you have heard enough about my exams so i should stay away until i found something to write about, but then i missed this place but there is a small teeny weeny problem, i stil dont have anything to write about minus exams lol.
    1) Where are my friends Mj and Sukkar?
    and others?
    2) So glad to have found followers despite like a months absence
    3) i think a couple of my followers wanted to join my cousin nazs " blog haha

    I should get back to the topic of the post by now, i was going through my posts and i promised to do a review about the Book Love in a Headscarf
    i think the book is very good well written and explains a lot about some of the issues highlighted
    however when i read reviews of this book i thought it would be written as a story even the blurb is misleading in a way to me it seemed to be like a collection of hadeeths or quotes but not like in a list, about lvoe, spirituality , the Divine but not a story.

    Although the Book has some Non muslim readers it would probably make more sense for a muslim person to read it, due to the fact that sometimes it can get a bit complicated or just about Islamic thoughts on how to find a partner etc.

    I also found the book seems to have been more aimed at, or described the maybe traditional, or the norm way of finding a husband in asian customs (Pakistani, indian etc), because obviously this was where the author came from , by ways of finding a husband i mean aranged marriages (this is not the same as forced marriages ) and matchmakers and stuff.

    Still i found it an interesting read, sometimes it wasnt really always about relationships (there was just basicaly islamic parts which just sort of explained islam and some about her lifetime achievements etc) and it wasnt exactly what i thought it would be like but i am sure some readers will enjoy it, non muslims can learn something from it, and some sisters can relate to it more then me so yeah go ahead and read it :).

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Love In A scarf - And Where art though Modestjustice and Sukkar

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