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A beautiful Eid

    Asalaamu Aleikum Everyone, and a Eid Mubarak -(woow its already eid again) Alhamdulilah, and im really looking forward to it, though its going to be my first eid without my mum and thats really weird,anyways i dont see many people who are bothered about eid, or celebrating it. It seems they find eid quiete a waste of time and would rather do normal everyday things, however if you told those same people to stop celebrating Bi'dah, Haraam/discouraged events i.e. "Birthdays" They would ignore you/call you an extremist or something.. why? why does everyone like doing everything that they are not alowed to do and dont like doing everything thats encouraged? Maybe Eid doesnt excite you as much as it did when you was 5 years old and all it took to make your day was some sweets.. BUT there IS a reason we celebrate eid a reason thats worth celebrating much more then whatever else people celebrate
    1)we celebrate Eid ul Adha to commemorate the beautiful sacrifice our Prophets Ibrahim (AS) and Ismaeel (AS),were willing to do, in order to please Allah (SWT)
    2) We celebrate eid to mark the end of the beautiful Hajj Pilgrimage all muslims (who can afford it) are required to take part in and is one of our 5 pillars of Faith
    3) We celebrate Eid to mark the month of Ramadan where we abstain from all evil and try to please our Lord most high
    4) We celebrate EID in order to remember the BEAUTY and PEACE of our relgion ISLAM , and to feel grattitude for all we are blessed with. (SEE SURAH YUNUS and other surahs in the quran where Allah encourages muslims to celebrate eid with joy and happiness)
    so DO celebrate eid , attend the mosque visit family members, pay for qurbanis make the children happy, treat yourself, give charity , realise and attest to the beauty of Islam, the Glory of Allah, The power of Faith and the strength of Iman
    as a teenager who grew up in the west its hard enough to compare eid with the glitz of christmas (lights funfairs sales etc always on the tv) to Eid where it is not mentioned anywhere , without your family not bothering to celebrate.
    show your children, lil broz/sisters cousins etc that we do celebrate we do have fun and it IS a special day-dont make them feel like they are missing out.
    My Eid plans so far include
    getting new clothes-(before eid) i got a beautiful Abayah but i want a dress or something too
    and i got some jewelry and a bag for eid.
    i really want those new swarowski crystal abayah stuff omg :o they are soo lovely
    on the first day im going to go shopping and cinema and stuff (want to watch new moon or something i know ill be a week late oh well), ill end up going with my sister and cousins and stuff and then at night go to a resturaunt with the fam
    on the 2nd day ill go out with my friends
    third day (i dont have school)-ill eat junk food and watch dvds and work on getting fat :P
    All my really important exams are over (until after christmas) so im going to relax for a while now
    -im currently reading The pact by jodi picoult but finding it hard to get into slightly
    -i can no longer wait for chapter 23 of desperate in dubai
    -where is the jacaranda secret yaa ange?
    I wish you all the most beautiful of Eids, and may Allah strengthen the Imaan of all you beautiful muslimahz

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A beautiful Eid

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