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Bonfire night/perfumes

    Salaaaaaaamz :)

    it was bonfire night last night but the celebrations are faar from over yet, for the few that dont know what bonfire night is its a night when something happened in british history to do with the parliament and someone trying to burn parliament house which permits people to celebrate the fact that , the plan didnt work and we celebrate by having awesome firework displays (above^) and lighting bonfires ^ and eating out and generally having fun * some non-muslims/ non practicing muslims also get pissed

    asides from that ive been having looads of exams and im still having them so as a treat my cousin and sis took me out perfume shopping (my fave) so i bought docle and gabbanna the one smells awesome and a random brand which also smells very good and handbag shopping ( i rli lack handbags) so i bought two cute local brand handbags and then my aunty got me a jewelry set as a gift from her new salon that looks alot like this

    i also had a maths exam that went well for once , duaas 4 me plz send this way regarding exams missed yu all lovely blogger people soo much ill visit and comment on all your blogs soon :)
    i wanna re-decorate my bedroom so i wanna start a tag where you could all possibly do a post about your room what it looks like add piks of ur room or whats in it if you wish plzz id love that
    take care
    asalamu aleikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhu

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Bonfire night/perfumes

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