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    all the blogs i read about eid have a title somewhat similar to this one if not identical
    but this is a blog or thread or wteva you call these things about Eid Mania which is taking a slightly different turn
    enough discussion about how eid is becoming comercalised and we are missing the religious aspect of things i am in SERIOUS search of this Eid Mania.
    because unlike my fellow blogger and beautifull sister in islam a'qilah i live in the "west" *rolls eyes*
    and over here eid in the winter can be the most dullest and terribly boring things you have ever took part in.
    although my parents made a special effort with eid when i was younger you know the presents parties etc for some reason the things that made me ecstatically happy when i was younger fail to get me excited now
    first reason why eid here sucks
    1) THE WEATHER ( as you will see after readin more of my blogs me and the weather dont get along)

    the weather over here in london is absolutely hideous its always raining our windy or FREEZING
    this means that when you wake up on eid morning you are not in a hurry to leave your house
    it kills your energy and if you are really dead set on going out
    you will come home with frozen limbs and a red face


    now although alot of people make an effort to make eid over here in the west feel like eid
    with things such as "eid in the square" etc
    we still have alot to work on i mean seriously there is no eid spirit
    like no one even bothers buying £1 baloons or something to decorate their house with tinsel or anything over here
    wheras in muslim countries they light lanterns in the streets and hold eid firework shows not to mention cheap shopping and
    dances and pantomimes and islamic lectures (well they do that in my country)
    but over here nope you might catch a couple of muslims in the shoppng centre
    and 3 or 4 random white people might wish you and eid MUUUUUUUUBARAK (that is how they pronounce it 2)

    to give credit where its due
    eid ul fitr always turns out ALOT better den eid ul adha (maybe its coz everyone has been starving for a month)
    so its definetly my personal favourite of the 2 eids
    which is why despite all the freezing cold and my stomach cramps as well as the heavy rain i STILL went out :)
    but because of the above mentioned on eid ul adha i just went to my cousins house
    ordered alot of food and watched movies
    then at night we played cards
    watched islamchannel (uk based islamic channel our one nd only)
    some of our non muslim neighbours came by to wish us and eid MUUUbarak
    we talked a little about islam
    and we hit the bed, not my best ever eid but definetly not the worst.
    (btw this is my first ever blog thingy hope u liked it)
    salaamu aleikum and
    EID MUBARAK (do feel free to tell us about your eid)


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