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    (Deep Fried Squid)
    That coke's not mine. I mean it when i said I boycott Israel :) I've taught her a lil bit about Palestine and she's pretty aware so that'll be the last time she touches coke, Insy'Allah :)
    When it comes to Seafood and Chopsticks, we're in :D
    When the stomach's satisfied, we are too :D
    Siti Rashidah and Nur A'qilah :D

    Suppp all :p lol. feeling a lil "g" today.
    So I was out with cuzzy on saturday. She wanted to give me a lil treat cos she got a pay rise Alhamdulillah :)

    U see as Asians or probably as malays we love our dinner to be SEAFOOD :)
    Or should i say I love Seafood that is why i loved our dinner :D
    Alright thumbs up for people who love seafood and who lives or is coming down to singapore i've got a tip.

    Newton Food Court serves the widest range and the bestest seafood ever. from Fish to crab to squid to cockles oh whatever type of seafood you name it! and the best thing is, most of the stalls there are HALAL :DDDD

    Just a lil problem, don't eat there a lil too late at night. Lots of Gang activities gng on lol :S

    So yes, we proceeded to town (Orchard Road) and bloooddyyyy HELL it was flippin packed!
    and when i mean packed, i mean PACKED.

    Everyone's all busy for christmas. wth, it's like every bloody shop's having a sale. min 20%, max 70%
    LOL I LOVE DECEMBER. it's like some shopping season :p

    trust me peeps, the best time of the year to come to sing is in december. when it's all cold and cosy and hot with sales. wooohooo just the thing you want :)

    omgomgomg im gng to KL -Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia + Laketown,Perak for 4days 3 nights this friday YEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

    Im getting out of Singapore. WOOOHOOO or what LOL ;p

    okok im off. bye peeps.

    -A'Qilah Saiere-

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