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Just another sister's eid :)

    loool...what a eid u had baby(naz)u managed to make me happy about my eid wallah:p..loool... well, to all the readers i live in Norway where it is snowy and cold as "ya Allah", hehe, anyways, we have like the biggest mosque down here, in my little village, so this eid and last eid we celebrated at the moswue, masha Allah, all muslims from all race's came down, but unfortunatly many of my best friends of other nationalities didn't come...because of thir twisted parents(i pray and hope they don't see this), lol...

    anyways, their parents feel that the mosque we have is not a REAL mosque, because it doesn't look like a mosque meaning it doesn't have the two towers on the side and lots of decorations, i mean, what the *beeb*?.. we are in Norway shot i'm happy if we got one with no problems, haha, i aint gonna ask for a free land mark and start building a new mosque..anyways sorry i get side tracked easy, hehe... the eid, yes... well, as usual, the weather down here is all messed up, nothing pleasent about it, it's cold like hell, so it's hard to get all dressed up and beautified, because your face will turn to ice and as soon as you enter a warme place it will melt in your face so you will be a dripping PAINT, lol.. but never the less i prettied myself up masha Allah(the hala way) with abaya, no perfume, no makeup, incase you aint getting it, i'm saying , i'm naturally beautifull, lol, a sister sometimes has to tell herself she is who.. at the mosque we pray we ALL eat breakfast, and ya Allah it is so caotic, every mother is tryin to be the first and her childrent to be the first, and us young girls, we had no chance with those 8 kids mothers, BIIIG, lol... so we smiled acted nice and prayed we might get something left for us, which we did:D, hahaha, so du'as done at the mosque will be answered;)..

    . na who, food was good, masha Allah, then it was time 2 clean, and the mothers started to fight and scream and yell omg, i thought i was in a wrestling match, right before they start to wrestle, u know the mean talk and all... so a friend of mine said, istaqfuru'llah, we are in a masjiid, behave mother's, and i wish she never opened her mouth, because the mothers THEN noticed us teenage girls, and decided to dump all the work on us, i asure u guys, she is alive, but won't be able to walk, lol.. we got so pissed at her, and i can't believe how much work there was, so i came up with a smart idea which made all the boys in our town hate me for,

    but i'm happy, not like i care:p. haha... i suggested or more like commanded that the boys will take the tabels, chairs and hoovering and all the hard pgysical work, while the girls take the kitchen and the dishes:p. hahaha... i'm good?, yes i know... anyways, then it was dinner time, same story, and when it was time for giving the kids gifts and competing about the religion and eating sweets, some mothers really went at each other, and their husbands automatically got mad at each other as well. lo.. they be like "hey brother, keep ur wify away from mine" and the other one be saying the same, and i wa slike " "singel life is good":p lol. no naggy kids, no angry women no angry hubbies, haha... the teens were enyoing themselves.. but then the mothers ditched us with the work AGAIN, i'm browned skinned, and my friends sweared i got red, lol.. i got so mad, but since it was the mosque i said,

    alhamdulillah, little sadaqaa(charity) won't hurt, and it gave us teens the time to get to know each other better, and to hate each other more, cause the other one always tried to make the other one clean most as ossible, so the first houre, we were just starring at each other, lol.. i know we are bunch of lazy girls:p but what can i say, lazy is sometimes good:p... when we were finished we went home to me and stayed up so late til like over 04:00 lol, and no of them were meant to sleep over, cause there aint no room... so basically that was my eid, and owh yeah the next day i woke up with a head ach!!!, still have it, and in a wierd way i still fell this was one of the best eids i have been 2:D .. wow, haha so much, hope y'all injoyed and understood, if not, ur loss, and btw, i'm really not that lazy, i'm lazier;) hehehe..joking!!!...

    and naz and aqilah, y'all are in serious deep trouble, for not including me:(, nah it's cool, i'll include myself with comments, and hey, how many people visit bloggs btw?, i never visit any blogg:p lol haha.. i'm so behind when it comes to enternett, i swear my grandparents knows how to use it better then me lol, and they are REALLY ho, As-salamu caleykum warahmatu'llahi wabarakatu

    umukheer :)

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Just another sister's eid :)

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