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Malaysia? Oh well...

    Saaalaaams all :) Oh well, Nazzy has been pressing me for a post so yeah here I am :) Apparently I'm back from my 4 days 3 nights Holiday in KL and Perak, Malaysia. Hmm Oh well. it was alright, Alhamdulillah. I must say that Malaysia's a really rich land in terms of resources and land. Mash'Allah it's rich in Palm Oil and Plantation :D

    Lols, I don't usually praise Malaysia that much (Don't blame me, i'm singaporean. The same way a Somalian won't ever praise Ethopia. LOLS)
    But I must say I've never really appreciated this country that much, probably due to my stereotypical way of thinking that this country sucks despite the flipping fact that I drop by every year. LOLS.

    It really is something, it's beautiful. The land's full of greenery and all, basically the thins you won't really get here in Singapore.

    I caught the Sunrise when we left for breakfast at Syuruk (6.45am) at Perak. It was simply breathtaking to watch the Sunrise looming over a vast lake with Islands surrounding it and all you have to do is stand by the jetty and wait for the sun to rise.
    I don't really get to do that here in Sing.
    The best thing was having breakfast by the lake. WOW, seriously, one of the only few reasons I'd go back there :)

    The journey from Singapore to Perak was 10 hrs. Astaghfirullah, it was back-paining. lmao. seriously, it was. But Alhamdulillah, I managed to catch a few winks of sleep while i spent the rest of the time staring into the jungles by the highway hehehe :p
    I did a lot of THINKING as usual,what do you expect I'm an overthinker. Lols.

    So yeah,it was good to see greenery once in a while. It seems that i made a new friend there. Lols. I met this middle-aged chinese guy in Perak. He initiated the conversation and I was being my friendly self. He started the Perak and all and started switching channels from Malay to English. He stopped to say "Wow, your English is Good, are you from KL?" LOLS.
    And when I told him I was a Singaporean, HE was more than amazed. Lols.
    I must say that Malaysian Chinese really do have a lot of respect for Singapore.

    I must say that despite my despise towards Malaysia and their governmental policy called the Bumi Putra Policy (one that gives Malays priority) I want to see this country grow and move towards being as successful as my country because it's a Muslim Nation and I don't want to see another Muslim Nation living in an oppressed state. For I saw hundreds living in squatters and slumbers still and it's not pleasing at all.

    Insy'Allah that country as well as Indonesia will grow out of it's shell and be more prosperous than it is.

    then Again, i love Singapore... Oh well :p

    Ok I'm off, gotta sleep early. gng for a movie tmr heheheh :)

    P.S Nazzy Wazzy me misses ya :p

    -A'qilah Saiere.-

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Malaysia? Oh well...

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