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naz's lil quiz f :)

    What does next year have in store for me? hmm alot alot of exams and studying
    and inshallah lots and lots of joy at hopefully passing all of them exams and going on holiday to
    a nice hot country
    Whats my love life like?
    hmm i might start to get one of those when i actually do get married
    ill let you know though :P

    What do I say when life gets hard? i remember to have sabr and make shukr to allah
    and inshallah it all be better.
    seriously when im really upset i just think about allah swt cause just knowing that
    as long as i dont do anything bad he will be by my side never fails to make me smile

    What do I think when I get up in the morning?
    The 1st time:

    time to pray fajr and de second time i think
    THAT stupid college YET AGAIN!!

    What song will I dance to at my wedding?

    ill find out when i actually have a wedding

    What do you want as a career?
    hmm eitehr become a doctor like my mum or a journalist
    am studying health nd social care as well as media studies and history
    so ill have 2 decide soon enough

    Your favorite saying?

    OHMYGOD!!! i say that so many times so randomly

    Favorite place?
    the shopping centre any shopping centre ok fine maybe westfield shopping centre or brent cross i dont know all the cool big shopping centres and swimming pools

    What do you think of your parents?
    dont really know my dad because he died when i was little allah swt have mercy on him inshallah and bless him with janatul firdaus
    and i really love my mum
    too. :)

    Where would you go on a first date?
    invite the guy to meet my familly
    if he doesnt want to
    he can go to hell :P

    Describe yourself?
    kind happy always excited obsessed with laughing and proud muslim when i say proud i mean PROUD i mean seriously cant help finding my religion beyond fascinating intressting and exciting
    not that im the greatest muslim or anything but i do genuinely enjoy listening to talks and learning about islam it could be classified as a hobby lol
    also im an anti sport and anti animal person (yes dont atack me bt im scared of animals)

    What is the thing I like doing most?
    Chillin' with family & friends and shopping.

    What is my state of mind like at the moment?

    hmm i dont know i think i should go revise so im in a bit of a rush

    How will I die? As a Muslim! 4 real!! inshallah

    What do you do when you see your friends?
    say SALAAM! and give them the 2-kiss embrace thing :-D

    How does your boyfriend/girlfriend make you feel?
    well naz dont do dem

    How does your ex make you feel?


    If you were to die today, you would feel (like):
    I would feel like... ahh! ohmygod i dnt wanna die am nt a perfect enough muslim yet

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naz's lil quiz f :)

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