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Je amour Paris!!

    hi again
    i told you guys ill finally start contributing
    remember in my last post i told you this computer has something against this website?
    well it wont let me put the picture up properly so i just gave you the link lol
    i am at paris for 2 days the reason we came here was to see my grandad on a transit in france from america on his way to somalia
    only his flight has been cancelled and we are here with a whole load of cousins that were hoping to seen grandpa for the first time (ive seen him before though :D) but now our only choice is to go see the eiffel tower (which is awesome and ive seen today) and do some serious french shopping
    as well as Avoiding all restaurants at all times (i don't trust french food) but looking cool in the coffee shops
    *sighs* i love france
    ohyeah i am making a point of wearing the headscarf inside the bank and saying i dont speak french :)

    nazzy wazzy

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Je amour Paris!!

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