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Nancy, worth listening to :)

    Ok Basically Naz and I are totally amazed and in love with this awesome lebanese Singer, Nancy Ajram. if you guys have actually never listened to her, trust me you're losing out :)

    Her songs are really awesome. Thanks to several amazing people on youtube who are willing and kind enough to supply us with videos complete with english subtitles, we're able to understand what she actually is singing and are able to appreciate her Music much better ;)

    If you are a first timer, try her songs E7sas Gedid and Enta Eih :) Trust me, you'll love her after that :p

    Anyways, enough of her let's talk about ME ;p
    I must say that my cousins have really bad habits. Bad Habits as in they plan things at the very last minute and I'm to catch up on their nonsense at the VERY MINUTE itself.

    So apparently, what happened last night was I slept at 6:00am after fajr. Dont call me crazy it's not the first time :) hehe.
    anyway so yeah basically i was sleeping at fajr and was planning to wake at Zuhr. My beloved cousin JUST HAD TO RUIN MY PLANS!
    She called me at 11am and was practically sounding as though my house was on fire and i shud get up immediately.
    "A'qilah get up, get up,get up jaan we're gng out. GET DRESSED!"
    I was like WTF i aint gng anywhere i want to sleep and i slammed the phone down <---I know that was rude but hey she was shouting at me and i only had 5hrs of sleep.

    Alright, didnt hear from her till 2 hrs later.

    "Ok A'qilah i gave u a 2hr bonus sleep now get up we're going for lunch"

    I'm like "You woke me up just to have a MEAL with me?! ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME OR WHAT?!'

    But eventually i got up took a shower and prayed Zuhr and immediately got dressed to finally meet her. I SWEAR! I dun want that to ever happen again.

    THE next time it happens i'm going to freaking switch my phone off and pull out my house phone lines.

    But oh well.. thanks cuzzie for the Lunch :)
    -Her treat, since she got me up early- LOL....

    P.S Naz u owe me an explanation for leaving MSN so unexpectedly woman :S lol.

    -A'qilah Saiere-

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Nancy, worth listening to :)

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