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Naz hates Jews, I hate anyone who Kills d innocent.

    While naz is blabbing on, on how she hates jews. I'm mourning over the fact that there aren't any protests in my country.

    As usual, there isn't anything called "freedom of speech" in the country that i reside in. Doesn't matter though because even if there is, people here aren't aware of what's happening or should i say they can't be bothered.

    Half of the population partied their asses off yesterday, ignorant to the bombs that are still being launched in gaza, killing hundreds after hundreds.

    I'm sick of this world.

    When will people change?

    Oh Mankind, embrace the truth for the day of judgement is here to come soon. The second coming of Christ and the coming of Mahdi shall be here to come any moment. There is no time to wait.

    Leave your blanket of ignorance and witness reality.

    A'qilah Saiere

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Naz hates Jews, I hate anyone who Kills d innocent.

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