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Eid Singapore style (:

    Gramz and me :)
    Those are the various cookies :)
    the chocolate biscuit thingy is called Almond London. WTF issit called Almong London?? like were the Almond from London? Naz does yr country produce Almond? LMAO! WTF. and the other one are pineapple tarts

    that's just some traditional spice that's used to make the dish below.
    This is the main dish, the Rendang. it's a mutton traditional malay dish. trust me it's lovely. :) I eat it but i dun cook it so dun ask me for the recipe.

    Assalamualaikum all :) So apparently, My eid was a lil diff from my dear sis Naz and Oh well... it was slightly better i suppose.
    I went to the eid prayers in the morning at a nearby masjid and oh my lord, it was spiritual :) not to mention that after the prayer i got to catch a sneak peek of the 150 sheeps that were to be slaughtered. I was gng to stay for the Qurban but i changed my mind after looking at how cute they were :S
    (i would have fainted should i have stayed)

    So then we went home and had a freakin headache trying to make my internet work. Astaghfirullah.
    My smart lil daddy bought a new modem without telling me and it's so complicated to be fixed i had a freaking hard time to figure it out and i swear, you don't want to do that on the morning of eid.

    TRUST ME the neighbourhood smells of Mutton. EWW :S

    Anywayyyyy went to gramzzz and got lots of money and ate lots of food :)
    and then went on to some other random auntie's house.

    Ok that's typical Eid in Singapore. That's how u celebrate it. You go for prayers and then you spend the rest of the day visiting yr family and friends. I don't really bother about the visiting though because in my heels, it's the worst thing that can ever happen to me.

    Astaghfirullah, at the end of the day my eid was full of prayers, wishes and oh well.. blisters...

    -A'qilah Saiere-

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Eid Singapore style (:

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