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25 things tagged

    i have been tagged by sis aqilah over on her private blog hearefor the hearafter to list 25 random things / goals etc about me so yeah here goes

    rules are you tag 5 other people i think

    so anyway

    1) those above are my latest obsessions :)
    2) i get to choose where we go on summer holiday this year
    provided its "reasonable" *rollseyes*
    3)im currently drinking sum juice from somalia :S
    4)i have a million mobile phones i have no idea where they are im just not THAT into them
    5)i go tajweed classes dont even ask what i think of them anymore
    6) my grandma gets to go and escape this crappy weather shes movin bck to the UAE
    7)i was born in Dubai
    8)i beleive maths should be made illegal
    9) its my birthday tommorow *WOHOO*
    10) i have got half my gifts already :D
    11)ill be spending my birthday with my 2 best friends ( theyre sisters), my sister (our b-day then) and my broz money :)
    12)i think its about time i renewed my "islamicness" im slipping
    13) i owe loads of fasts :s
    14)i cant wait for my mum to give birth
    15) just found out my cousing is pregnant :O she recently got married
    16) im in love :o
    17)a friend told me he is gay really dunno wt im meant to say :S
    18)i wanna go turkey,beirut,somalia/canada, australia,italy
    19)they call me the perfume lady and my entire room is full of perfumes
    20) my entire wardrobe is full of abayahs (islamicnessism :P)
    21)im on the phone with my cousing
    22) i have a weeks holiday coming up
    23) i have loads of work to do
    24)i got my nails done in glitter gold nail varnish
    25)i got henna on my hands 2

    i tag LISA,SONIA,MJ-modest Justice,QUEEN, MJ (a muslim wife) :D

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25 things tagged

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