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Happier Alhamdulilah


    so i thought ill let you know what ive been up to lately

    alhamdulilah (thanks be to god) im not so depressed and angry anymore thanks to everyone listening to my rant me and my mum are trying to get on

    for the millionth time but yeah anways

    i went to meet up with some of my friends for a chat yesterday it was soo much fun

    and we were at the mall when we saw one of our turkish friends with a HIJAB ohmygod she looked so completly beautifull and she told us she wears it outside all the time now but

    shes not comfortable with attending school with it

    (quite the oposite for me i was scared of people tht dnt knw me making judgements about me because people at school would know im still me but anyways im full time hijabi nw)

    so then afterwards we talked about whatever teenage girls talk about and i took my cousing home i found out my aunt has got more somali neighbours now (she was delighted about that) so i went to say hi to them and whatever then my bro who got a car thought hed be so nice and drive me to my cousings house and i was there until late but then i walked home (in the freezing cold) after quite a nice day (my friend who went to visit her husband in canada came back and she got me some gifts and everything so i was happy btw shes 21)

    so when i came home i was pretty happy but then i spoke to my friend whom i havent seen/spoken to in AGES and shes a newlywed but ohmygod her husband has been completly evil for some unknown reason and now shes back living with her parents and she might be getting a divorce :(

    so please make duas for her that everything goes well

    inshallah im so excited we are getting a weeks holiday next week

    and its nearly my birthday

    i love my birthday but for some reason im nt bothered this year

    usually im VERY bothered

    maybe its coz im excited about someone elses birthday


    owk salaamz inshallah ill post later

    ohmygod QILAAh whre r u?

    this is like turning into a naz blog :S



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Happier Alhamdulilah

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