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Abah <3

    My Abah was the one who led me to embracing Islam as an entirety.
    He never gave up on me.
    Never fails to remind me of my prayers.
    Never fails to smile whenever he sees me in Hijab.
    Never fails to hug me when he hears me reading the Qur'an.
    Never fails to be my central bank LOL.

    I love my Abah and today he turned 52 :)
    The older he gets, the more good looking he is to me.
    The older he gets the wiser he is.
    The older he gets the more I love him.

    wAllah, without him, i wouldn't be who I am today.
    Sometimes even my mum doesn't understand my mentality; she thinks I'm a little too extreme. LOL. seriously, and we're talking about the woman who gave birth to me.

    If some of you do know me personally then you'd have noticed that I'm obsessed with the Middle Eastern Political condition aka Palestine and I'm very much anti-zionist; which makes my mum think that i'll be thrown into guatanamo. LOL

    But my dad is different. He'll actually bother to sit down and hear me rant and on some occasions rant along with me.He's superrrrrrrrr open-minded. I can talk to him about almost everything under the sun. He's like my bestest friend in the world.

    I remember when he was gone for Hajj, life was utter HELL.
    Seriously, I wouldn't know what I'll be without my Abah.

    Allah bless him always. I love you Abah, Happy 52nd Birthday <3

    -A'qilah Saiere-

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Abah <3

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