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A little different But Hey.. Two Sides to every story

    (picture below is my baby cousing hes half somali half palestinian and a true cutie) :)
    salaamu aleikum everybody im Amzy (well thats my nickname) Nazs twin sister :D (well thats HER nickname) but yeah lets forget about nicknames for a minute

    Names have been stuck in my Head ever since my little brother was born his highness :P is called Abdel-hameed after my uncle and he is now 4 days old, he is the sweetest cutest baby ive ever seen (ive seen loads of cute babies) im not just saying that mashallah he gorgeous BUT my not so amazing Older Bro lost my phones wire *last remaining wire* so we cant put the piks on the Pc yet therefore cannot Post them Yet :( (maybe thts why naz is hiding from u all :P)
    everybody says the baby looks like me and naz but lighter lol

    nah shes busy with skl etc and Uniz actually we are going to some Uni tommorow we went to see Oxford and Cambridge with class mates and tomorrow we are going to Hearts (heartfordshire uni) whre my cousing goes to and then we have visitors over 24/7 etc so thats why she hasnt posted yet (all her very rare free time is spent reading magz) so yeah i really dont knw what this post is about but naz has missed reading your blogs and she thought i might like to do a quick post in between reading the precious quraan

    oh and me and naz got identical Pink Phones god we are so getting into this twin thing i like it just coz its pink :P



    PS-this has nothing to do with anything but EVERYBODY MUST READ (im not even a book fan naz is but i like it therefore you definetly will love it) - LOVE IN A HEADSCARF *defies stereotypical /racist views about muslims and arranged marriages with humour as its guide* :)

    PPS- EVERYBODY MUST WATCH ( i dont watch movies like this but its truly awesome if i loved it you will be over the top :P)

    -SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE * a lovely tale about indiaz slums* aka MUST WATCH

    ok ill leave you guys to it now inshallah

    SALAAM yet again

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A little different But Hey.. Two Sides to every story

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