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Who am I? im a MUSLIM

    i was given a book by a jewish teacher about muslim girls finding their way in the "Big World" and she was talking about how she thinks many muslim teens are having an "identity" crisis it seems the woman has an entire library of books on muslims ( arent we fascinating) the problem is she isnt the only one who thinks we are all having an "identity" crisis even muslims some of my very own friends think so , WHY? why are we having an identity problem to find the answer to that each and every one of us must think to exactly who they are.

    we are Muslims servants of Allah we beleive in his messenger and his entire faith al islam we strive to do the best we can and ensure peace we are the servants of Allah and we will spend our lives worshipping him and doing good to others so that we will be rewarded in the hereafter

    we are NOT inferior to anybody nor does our religion need to be "updated" we refuse to alter the TRUE islamic beleifs to fit into a corrupt world if there is a problem the world should alter its corrupt views we will NOT be looked down on neither do we need anyones pity we are happy and content with the truth we have been given by the Almighty Allah we beleive this earth belongs to him be it east or west "rabbil mashriq wal maqrib" (lord of the east and the west) it says in various parts of the quran,so we praise and thank Allah for the beautifull faith we have been blessed with and acknowledge what it means to be a muslim whether we are male or female old our young black or white asian or middleastern living in the east or the west we are MUSLIMS now and forever because we are one UNDIVIDED UMMAH and most of all

    we are

    from ur sister in islam

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Who am I? im a MUSLIM

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