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Work vs Play

    im totally tired i had my cousings over for the last couple of days
    after my birthday etc
    and ive been BUSY doing generally Fun things but ohmygod i have SOO MUCH WORK
    to do and im such a procastinator i dont know what to dooooo
    my mum is due Tuesday to have a baby Inshallah
    im sure im the weirdest sister ever but yeah
    my sister was worried about the "pain" my mum would be facing
    that whole part slipped my mind totally all i can think about is the baby
    ive never loved someone who isnt even born yet before
    omg now i will stop thinking new mothers are weirdos :P
    i just hope he doesnt cry alot
    sleeping is like the only free time i get usually
    owyh and i have tajweed class tomorrow and i havent read the quran once in the last couple of days :( and i got an opticians appointment at 10.00 in the morning
    so i better get to sleep
    its 11:59
    ok now it is officially tomorow 12:00 i got an apointment in 10 hours which means ill hve to wake in 9 hours
    *runs off straight to bed*
    p:s my grandma returned from saudii bearing gifts :D ne i jus hve 2 go get em :P

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Work vs Play

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