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MY Cousings

    my cousins are many
    but they all have one thing in common
    they are all certifiably insane
    (i have the certificate folks)
    but they are also the most amazing people i know
    they are fun and intresting and we have soo many things in common
    i have lived directly opposite my cousings
    and when i was younger i used to spend the ENTIRE day with them i thought they were my sisters
    my other cousings i lived in their house in sweden for a whole year
    it was the best year ever, though it did mean i no longer lived across the road from the cousings i had known all my life
    and i wanted to go back the first day i arrived in sweden
    now those cousings that lived in sweden live 10 minutes from and we regularly see eachother although that does not take away the fact we always have something to talk about
    my other cousings live around 2 hours away from me
    though i still see them everyweek without fail
    and they are still my best friends ever in the whole wide world
    we are all of a similar age and i actually have a reali close cousing
    NAZ aswell (due to our parents being pregnant the same time)
    now they are sleeping over
    and it reminded me just how much
    i love having them around
    I LOVE MY FAMILLY (for now.. :P)
    love u all 2

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MY Cousings

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