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Back To School? : /

    As much as Naz is busy with the choosing of her University, I'm busy with my college enrollment.
    It's so freaking troublesome here.
    I have to sign a thousand and one forms; go for a medical check-up where I went for an Xray & Blood test; ask my dad to pay hundreds of dollars; shop for new clothes, hijabs, stationery etc and most importantly; start waking up early.

    I'm taking Early Childhood Education- It's a course that trains me into becoming a pre-school teacher if I stop at my diploma/pursue a degree in that era; alternatively, once I complete my course, i'll graduate with 2 diplomas and enter University to pursue Child Psychology.
    It's my kinda thing so I'm pretty happy about it.

    Though so, my mum's not too happy (WHEN IS SHE EVER HAPPY LOL) She wanted me to pursur Bio-Medical/Pharmaceutical; the kinda thing naz is going to do. lol. Firstly, I don't qualify for it and secondly, even if I do; it's not my thing.

    Anyway, I'll be starting school in April & might get a little too busy in the first few months. Though so, Insy'Allah I'll be able to share my experiences with you sisters :)
    Did I mention? The Doctor sucked out a full-tube of my blood today for a lab test; I just felt that they could have taken out a lil more blood out of me and sent it to my brothers and sisters in Palestine. :'(

    -A'qilah Saiere-

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Back To School? : /

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