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Someone Please tell me what to do

    i cant get on with my.......MUM dunno what to do what to say

    i think i can safely say that we agree on NOTHING (minus islam) and thats about it

    i cant stand her

    when i was younger i really loved her well i thought i did but i didnt even know her it wouldnt be correct to say she "raised" me unless we are talking about money

    my familly all of them seem to have alot of money which is why they think they can buy everything i thought i knew my mum because she let me have whatever i wanted as long as it had something to do with money

    but we actually never knew her she went to work we never saw her when we were younger we had baby sitters and stuff then afterwards we looked after ourselves now that she got pregnant and she stays at home all the time i can tell you its a BIG shock

    but i cant explain how hard it is to try and get along with someone who you are naturally meant to love if they are so unbeleivably strange i think is the only way i can put it

    wallah she is the complete definition of unreasonable

    not only do we not understand her but she says we are troubling her

    she has a problem with everything we do

    (funny hw weve been doing it for ever but shes only just realised we excist)

    i swear i think she picks arguments for a hobby

    do you know if wasnt muslim i wouldnt be able to spend 3 seconds in the same country as her

    she is the definition of unreasonable

    but guess what

    not only is she ruining my life but she has all the haqq in the world

    because she is my mother and i feel like im a bad muslim because i cant help disliking her

    and i dont know what to do

    i apologise for every argument she picks

    swear to god half the time i dont know what i did that im apologising for
    and i really dont know what im supposed to do
    ive prayed about it
    seems im always crying
    and ive come to the conclusion she is the only problem in my life
    and she is ruining my life
    you know once when i was little i got really sick
    and i thought i was going to die
    and i decided that the only reason i didnt want to die was because id miss my mum
    ( i thought)
    doubt i feel like that anymore
    anyways if anyone has any advice for me or if they can pray 2 god to guive me patience or help me out because i cant take this i think im going to cry right now
    then please do so

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Someone Please tell me what to do

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