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MY Birthday :D ..finally


    salaamu aleikum

    this post is about my birthday and what i did (if anyone cares) :P

    but im in a bit of a rush right now

    we have a weeks holiday and guess what
    im booked up 4 the ENTIRE week

    i wonder who will be doing my homework

    but anyways alhamdulilah i had a nice day

    (* anything on this post has nothing to do with whether you can celebrate birthdays or not in islam*)
    anyways i went to my best friends house with my sister (twinny) and we got gifts and stuff i got perfumes, an abayah from my grandma,£50/$100 from my bro and my friends decided to go and get smart and buy us 2 dvds one of them was a DVD which stared Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen (the olsen twins) was meant to be some sort of weird twin joke lol and they especially picked out "wining london" because we are from London but anyway the dvd was pretty cool

    and mum got some cake from Asda and it had our pictures on it, we were going to go visit my uncle with my friends mum but it started snowing so she stayed home

    and we went Shopping instead

    was pretty fun but snowflakes went DIRECTLY in my eye TWICE

    lol and about birthday cards my sis thought shed be very funny *note we are identical twins*
    and she got me a card saying
    "sometimes sister i wonder why i didnt get your looks, and your brains...... then it said ... JUST LUCKY I GUESS"
    i got her a badge that said "best sister in the world"

    oh and ohmygod i think i overate so much junk food *sigh*
    owk salaamz
    jazakallah kheiran 2 all of you
    and thanks alot aqilah loved ur message
    twinny is jelous :P

    loads of luv
    NAZZY :)

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MY Birthday :D ..finally

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