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Lend Me Some Advice.

    Saalams! It's been 2 weeks that I've been here at my granny's and SOOOOO Much has been happening.
    There's this family issue thingy that I need advice from you sisters. Do provide me with your perceptions and opinions Insy'Allah.

    I have a 28 year old female cousin who's utterly stubborn and thinks like a 12 year old. She's engaged to a divorcee with a 14 year old daughter; who is an ex-convict and a bankrupt; oh! he's a non-practicing Muslim not forgetting, he's a JOB-HOPPER.

    She knew of his background before they got engaged but as they always say "Love is blind".
    Her parent were kept in the dark of his background, thus agreeing to the engagement.
    The initial agreement was engaged for 1.5 years and then the marriage comes in.

    This year is their 3rd year engaged; which obviously means the deal waswent against.
    The parents are now clear of the fiance's dark secrets and are persisting that they break off their engagement.
    They even got her a brother who's willing to marry her and this brother is
    1) A good Muslim
    2) Very Good-Looking
    3) Working, with a stable job
    4) Doesn't have a 14 year old daughter.

    So last week, her parents (my aunt and uncle) went to the fiance's place and made a mutual agreement and officially broke off the engagement without informing my cousin.
    Eventually they called her down and broke the news.
    Instead of agreeing to her parents; knowing it was BEST for her, she snapped at her parents.
    She shouted at them and even DISREGARDED them,

    Auzudbillah. Astaghfirullah....

    She still refuses to accept the fact that her engagement has been broken off and is still seeing this son of a gun of a guy. Ya Illahi, not only is that HARAM but also she's being defiant towards her parents.

    I've done all and said all I have to say to this girl.
    Advice after advice.
    Brought her to religious classes after classes.
    Taught her Islam as a whole.
    Tried bringing some sense to her.

    But it's not working and I want to give up on her. I want to let her do what she wants and let her suffer in the long run but her MUM's pleading me not to give up on her.
    I can't bear to refuse a MUM.
    She loves her daughter and wants the best for her but on the other hand her daughter thinks that her mum's ruining her life.

    She only has 1 daughter. Her 30 year old son is in jail; drug-addict; got a 5 year, 6 months sentence with 3 strokes of cane. He's serving his sentence now.

    If she loses her daughter, she will be left with no children.
    What do I do sisters?
    What do I tell my cousin?
    How do I instill some common sense into her brain?
    How do I guide her?

    I'm lost, confused, troubled; tell me what to do.

    P.S Naz I miss you sooo much; I'll talk to you soon Insy'Allah.

    -A'qilah Saiere-

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Lend Me Some Advice.

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