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NO to Nationalism

    asaalamu aleikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhu

    I am so sick to death of nationalistic people

    you would think that the fact that we are ALL muslims and followers of the most perfect deen

    would mean that muslims would see the errors of this stupid stupid thing.

    ok sorry about the rant let me explain myself

    a very good practicing sister i know has met a good brother they have been speaking he is practicing mashallah got a good job and would be able to provide for her

    he is a MUSLIM and her parents wouldnt even consider him just because he is from another country as if it is his fault

    i cant understand how anybody could think they are better then someone else over something they or the person is not even in control of

    even the prophet sallalahu aleihi wa salam

    discouraged it, uff im a little bit angry about this now

    but seriously

    LEAVE IT IT IS ROTTEN (as said by rassululah saw)

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NO to Nationalism

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