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Vaaranam Aariyam

    I don't know how many sisters that read this blog watches Indiani Movies.
    Well, I'm a big fan of it.
    Anyway, so today I wanted to stay up till fajr so I did few nafls here and there and decided to sit down and watch a good movie.

    I've been tiring myself out these days and haven't had the time to sit and watch a good movie so i thought why not tonight (All of us need a break sometimes)
    I used to catch Hindi movies every Saturday Afternoon and Tamil Movies every Saturday Night (it's like a movie marathon day ya know lol) but I don't do that anymore because I have Fiqh and Tawheed class every Saturday from after Asr to after Isyk so basically my whole saturday is gone but Alhamdulillah, i prefer it this way.

    Anyway, so I was browsing youtube for a good movie. All the Hindi Movies were without subtitles; i do understand Hindi but only the basics and it'll be super irritating if I watch a movie and not understand a thing so I switched to Tamil movies.
    And I found this really awesome youtube user that posted Tamil Movies and they were all blockbusters. So I thought why not give it a shot.
    wAllahi, it was one of the best Tamil Movies I've ever watched.

    Seriously, I thought it'd be some really cheesy, cliche stuff like every other Tamil Movie I've watched but NOOOOOOO i loved this one :)

    Vaaranam Aariyam
    Actor-: Surya
    Actresses-: Simran, Divya and Sameera

    They all did an extremely good job.
    I smiled, I cried, I laughed throughout the movie.
    There were elements of Romance, Comedy and the part that loved the most Family.
    Half of the story was all about the love of your parents :)
    Mash'Allah, it was good and I didn't regret staying up at all.

    Give it a shot since some of you are on break. Insy'Allah watch it when you're free.
    Here's the movie URL-:

    P.S I was very happy today, not because of the movie but because of something else :) Like how they'd say in Hindi "Haule Haule Ho Jaayega Pyar Chaaleya"

    A'qilah Saiere :D

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Vaaranam Aariyam

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