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Always A Part Of Me.

    Several days ago I was really missing my Grandad so I wrote a lil something.

    Till today all I do is stare upon your tiny portrait,
    The brightness in your eyes,
    Your smile so radiant,
    Oh how much I miss them…

    You’re too special to me,

    Your love, care and concern I can never repay,

    Your touch can never be too far to be felt,

    Your voice can never be too soft to be heard.

    Though today, all I can do is ask from HIM who loves you more,

    To bless your soul,
    For HIM to forgive your sins

    And for HIM to give you a place in his heavens,

    My dear Granddad,

    You were one amazing person,

    A person full of joy and laughter,

    Till now the house remains empty without you around.

    If only you knew how much this heart yearns for you to be beside it again,
    How much this cheeks yearns for your kisses,
    These ears yearns for you laughter,

    And these eyes , oh how much it yearns to see you again.

    But Granddad,

    Though you’re far away from me,

    You’ve always been a part of me

    And will always be.

    ( I had to cut my pic off, was without Hijab)

    My Granddad passed away of lung cancer; he was a heavy smoker.
    I miss him. I really do.
    Till today, I don't know how to eat fish. I'm 16 and I don't know how to remove bones from my fish and why is that? because it has always been my granddad who remove them for me; in fact he'll feed me.
    May Allah swt grant Him jannatul firdaus. Ameen.

    -A'qilah Saiere-

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Always A Part Of Me.

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