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A lil something for a very-much-loved sister :)

    I can't do much; really I can't. I'm a thousand and 1 miles away from you. I can't take you out for dinner, I can't bring you to a movie, I can't have a sister-day-out with you and how I wish I could.
    How I wish I could spend the whole day with you; and end the day with a huge warm hug and kisses from right-to-left-to-right :P
    Known you for barely a year yet it feels like forever!

    Dearest Sister Naz,
    you've been a gift, a blessing, an extremely great girlfriend and not to mention a wonderful sister :)
    I remember sitting 6 hours on my computer during your summer break and not move unless it was prayer time and be back to chat with you till my back hurt like crap.
    I remember counting 8 hours back to guess what time you'll be on and not.
    I remember how you were telling me you couldn't fast and how you had to starve because everyone else was.
    I remember how we would talk about every other thing under the sun :)
    I remember the special note you wrote for me for Eid and how much i love you for it.

    You're one sister that is beautiful inside out; You're one sister that has made me laught my heart out and cry tears of joy; You're one sister who's an inspiration for me to be a better muslim :)

    You're extremely far from sight but deifinitely very close to my heart<3
    I love you sooo much Nazzy Wazzy and I will always wish and pray the best for you :)

    May Allah swt continue to shine His Noor in your heart and your mind and answer your every prayer. May He protect you from your enemies and guide you through this path of life towards the hereafter. May you be showered with Joy and Love every other day and May there be more happy comings in you life :)
    Ameen Ya Rabbal Alamin!

    Happy Birthday Princess :)

    -qilaaaaaaaaah- :D

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A lil something for a very-much-loved sister :)

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