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We are TWO

    salaamz guys
    for anybody who is still confused
    though i already posted about this in a post called confused lol
    this blog belongs to TWO people
    me (naz) and A'qilah my very good friend
    if the post ends with (naz) den its a post by me
    otherwise its a post by my friend A'qilah
    for anyone who has a private blog
    inviting either naz/a'qilah means BOTH naz and a'qilah have access to your blog
    if anyone wishes to read A'qilahs blog its
    "here for the hearafter"
    and A'qilah also shares the blog "palestine" with a sister called Fatima i think
    jazakallah kheiran
    naz :)

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We are TWO

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